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Meet the Mermaids

Dive down and meet our professional mermaids below! All of our aquarium performers are highly skilled in both free-diving and SCUBA. We require our performers to have the following certifications SCUBA Rescue, FreeDive Level 1, Mermaid Instructor, and WW Performance Mermaid Certification.

Mermaid Adelaide swimming in an aquarium

Mermaid Adelaide

Mermaid Adelaide is a curious, loving, and playful mermaid from the warm waters off the coast of Australia. She is known to be found exploring and cleaning underwater caves and shipwrecks. 

Professional mermaid Amira free diving

Mermaid Amira

The warm waters of the Persian Gulf are where Amira calls home. From spending time visiting the little fish and crustaceans to racing dolphins and minke whales, Amira loves her home waters dearly. 

aurora (1).jpg

Mermaid Aurora

Mermaid Aurora comes from the from the icy cold waters of the Arctic Ocean. She is known for her sparkling blue eyes, cheerful spirit, and helping humans learn how to preserve the beautiful glaciers that surround her home. 


Mermaid Avalon

Mermaid Avalon was born in the warm waters of Grace Bay in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of the Turks and Caicos Islands.Avalon can often be found racing her dolphin friend “Dash” and socializing with her other fish friends. 


Mermaid Aziza

Mermaid Aziza is from the salty waters of the Red Sea. She is loving, vibrant, playful, and loves to make new friends. She also enjoys exploring the beautiful coral reefs of the Red Sea. 


Mermaid Calliope

Calliope is an adventurous mermaid who often finds herself in the sparkling waters of the Caribbean. She once crossed paths with a pirate captain known by the name of Captain Jack. 


Mermaid Caretta

Caretta is a kind and gentle mermaid who spends most of her days in the brisk northern waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Though Caretta is a friend to all of her fellow marine dwellers, her best friends are the Loggerhead Turtles.


Mermaid Calypso

Mermaid Calypso is from the Tyrrhenian Sea, off of the island of Capri Italy. She enjoys collecting plastic bottles and disposing of them properly so her turtle and fish friends can swim safely and freely.


Mermaid Citrine

Mermaid Citrine is an adventurous, artistic mermaid who loves dancing, singing, and traveling throughout the waters. Citrine is loves to spread the magic of music wherever she goes.


Mermaid Eena

Mermaid Eena, was born in the magical waters of a bioluminescent bay in the Caribbean, where mangroves embrace the tide land and the water glows at night. She loves to play with colorful fish and swim along the fan corals and sea turtles.


Mermaid Esmerelda

Esmeralda is a courageous and gracious mermaid from the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Colombia. With the help of her Green Moray Eel, Elle, she educates humans on the importance of Reefs


Mermaid Finley

Mermaid Finley grew up exploring the shores of the Scandinavian Peninsula. She is known for dancing among the waves and creating art from recycled material that has been found in her waters.


Mermaid Hales

Mermaid Hales makes her home at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay! She considers herself something of an underwater scientist because she is curious and loves to learn about every creature she encounters.

hyli 3.jpg

Mermaid Hyli

Mermaid Hyli is from the rocky coast of Cornwall near the small village of Zennor. She enjoys traveling the currents of the world. With each trip she learns more about the importance of taking care of the oceans, rivers, and lakes.

mermaid kai.jpg

Mermaid Kai

This is Kaikala but you can call her Kai for short. She is from the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef which is the second largest barrier reef in the world and runs along many of the Caribbean Islands. 


Mermaid Karina

Mermaid Karina dwells in the cool waters near the Bering Straight, in between Russia and Alaska. She is a calm mermaid devoted to rescuing animals trapped in the great pacific garbage patch. 


Mermaid KeeKee

Mermaid KeeKee is kind, playful, and loves to explore caves and shipwrecks. She also loves to sing! Sea turtles come from all parts of the ocean to listen to her sing in her native Spanish tongue.

Coming soon tail.jpg

Mermaid Lelu

Mermaid Lelu loves her home waters in tropical Micronesia. There are lots of islands and reef to play around and even more sea friends visiting her on their migrations around the world. 

Mermaid Lily Rose

The tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea are where we can usually find Mermaid LilyRose. She loves exploring the many bays and gulfs along the continental coastline, as well as the islands that form the outer rim of her home.


Mermaid Lumi

Mermaid Lumi journeys down from the Arctic Circle.  Lumi is very passionate about her home and all who inhabit it. She makes sure those who live, visit, and fish in the Fjords and Arctic keep its ecosystems happy and healthy.

dominique.luna (1).jpg

Mermaid Luna

lyra -4.png

Mermaid Lyra


Mermaid Vayna


Mermaid Marilena

Luna is a strong and curious mermaid who was raised in the cool deep waters of the Norwegian Sea! She loves watching ships leave their ports and swimming with pods of pilot whales before they swim south.

Mermaid Lyra was named after the constellation Lyra, which is in the form of a magical harp. Its music calms the seas, brings peace, and heals all living beings.

Mermaid Vayna was born in the turquoise waters of an ancient cenote in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico. It’s a sacred place for all mermaids, for a single underground vein of water connects the cenote to the ocean beyond. Vayna was named for this sacred vein of water that allows mermaids to live hidden in both the jungle and the ocean. 

Mermaid Marilena is a fun-loving and creative mermaid from the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. She loves to dance and sing, especially with her graceful ray friends.


Mermaid Marisko

Mermaid Marisko is a curious and playful mermaid who comes from the deep, brisk waters of the Sognefjord (“song-ne-fyord”) in Norway. Her favorite time of year is Spring when the snow melts and the rain falls.


Mermaid Montana

Montana, the Iron Shore Mermaid, is a bubbly and fun mermaid who comes from the Jewel of the Caribbean, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. This is where she enjoys swimming with whale sharks, Caribbean reef octopus, and puffer fish! 

Coming soon tail.jpg

Mermaid Morea

Mermaid Morea is an adventurous and courageous mermaid.  She reigns from the crystal blue waters off the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef near the island of Roatan. 

Coming soon tail.jpg

Mermaid Mylio

Mermaid Mylio is from the warm coastal waters of northern Australia. Her name comes from the scientific family name for eagle rays, who she considers her best friends. 

Naia (1).jpg

Mermaid Naia

Independent, headstrong and a curious little mermaid, Naia is the youngest and only princess in her kingdom of Atlantica. The only girl among four merbrothers, Naia spends most of her time outside the palace walls singing, daydreaming, and adventuring. 

277 devon k photographer ww mexico.jpg

Mermaid Nixie

Nixie was born off the coast of Chile, and lives in the mystical waters of the Pacific Ocean around the island Chiloé. As a young guppy, she befriended a local fisherman’s son who taught her Spanish in exchange for treasures from the sea.


Mermaid Nizhoni

Mermaid Nizhoni, the Navajo Mermaid, is playful and friendly and makes her home in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Málaga, Spain. She loves swimming and singing with the whales of  the Mediterranean


Mermaid Nova

Nova was born on one of the islands of Fiji during a phenomenal astrological event — a super nova in 1604. She grew up with the stars, the constellations, and the stories that accompany them.


Mermaid Odessa

Mermaid Odessa is a biologist by day and a voyager by night. She swims from reef to reef observing the changes in the ocean and taking samples of coral that she can look at under her microscope.


Mermaid Quinn

Mermaid Quinn spends most of her time exploring and making new friends! She is sweet, loyal to her cause, and loves to be a little silly.


Mermaid Rio

Rio calls the vast and unique Amazon River her home! She has a can-do attitude, swims with strength and is very resourceful. 


Mermaid River

Mermaid River grew up along the ancient coastline of Scotland in the North Atlantic Sea. She is fascinated with telling stories and going on amazing adventure to help protect the Oceans and all the creatures in it. 

Coming soon tail.jpg

Mermaid Sirena

Mermaid Sirena comes from the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The coast of Yucatán Mexico is where she calls home, along with the history of the Ancient Maya. 


Mermaid Sirenity

Sirenity is a bright tropical mermaid who has swam up from the coast of the Hawaiian Islands. Like the humpback whales she likes to migrate to warmer waters during the winter months.


Mermaid Skye

Skye is an adventurous and free-spirited mermaid from the cool freshwater lakes and rivers of the Appalachian mountains. Every year mermaid Skye migrates to the warm turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Coming soon tail.jpg

Mermaid Thalia

Mermaid Thalia lives in the Baltic Sea which is the biggest body of brackish water in the world. She is kind and compassionate, and always stays positive. 

Coming soon tail.jpg

Mermaid Ulua

Mermaid Ulua or Uloo for short, was born in the warm, turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. With a strong will, her intelligence, and adventurous spirit helped her flourish among the tropical creatures.

Coming soon tail.jpg

Mermaid Zora

Zora is a bubbly, kind, and adventurous mermaid who comes from the calm and crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. She loves spending time studying and tending to the colorful reef. 

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