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An image of 4 professional mermeraids swimming in an aquarium tank.

Wands and Wishes
Mermaid Aquarium Tours

What We Do

Your facility’s needs guide the customization of each mermaid tour as we bring a mystical twist to conservation education. Aquariums have benefited from partnering with Wands and Wishes Mermaids by:

  • Increasing attendance

  • Increasing revenue potential

  • Raising funds for a new project

  • Creating an annual event that excites guests and staff

  • Gaining the opportunity to promote a limited-time event

A professional mermaid swimming in the ocean. She has a spotted fin.

Reputation and Credentials

Seven years ago, we set sail to create the world’s best and safest underwater mermaid team. Safety is our number one priority. Period. We have consulted with and hired some of the most experienced divers in the Aquarium industry. These include: Rescue X (which has trained dive teams at Georgia Aquarium), Shedd Aquarium, Mote Marine, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and more.

Training: We have brought on some of the most experienced underwater performers in the world. We have created the standard for compressed air and free dive professional mermaid performances.

Equipment: We provide ALL equipment and staff necessary to run an underwater event. Our equipment has been created specifically for our performances and is updated and serviced annually.

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