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Diving Mermaids

Mermaids diving on compressed air allows guests more time with them! After all we are mammals and need air... so we’ve developed a way to stay under the sea longer with air hoses. And, the kids think they're great bubble makers.

We like to equate this to the Ballerina. It may look easy and graceful but is extremely difficult and takes years of practice and training.

We have created our own Safety Dive Team specifically trained for our performances. Dive Safe Pro conducts a very intense safety program and employs only the best divers for our mermaids.

“Today we went to the aquarium to see the mermaids. My daughter is obsessed with mermaids. This year they had so many more mermaids than in the past. We were really surprised. By far the best Newport Aquarium experience to date!"

Heather Arnett

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